"I have attended hypnosis institutions around the country and I can say with complete honesty and confidence that the National Board has provided me with the absolute highest quality of support. The Director and his staff went well above and beyond what I would consider thorough student care. They attended to my every need with courtesy, speed, and a genuine concern. Their efforts in ensuring my education set the standard for our profession was truly remarkable, and demonstrated that The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards is not just a showy title. It is a doctrine that extends to the very core of their programs. It is the benchmark that every hypnosis curriculum should be striving to equal. The Director, you and your team have earned my utmost respect, gratitude, and admiration. Thank you for bringing our profession into the new millennium"

Burt Yaroch

Dallas, Hypnosis Institute

"Thanks to you I have a greatly improved life to celebrate this Christmas. I feel more like giving to others because I feel better about myself. I also understand people better than ever before due to the course work I have taken through NBPES the past few years, and my professional hypnosis practice.

"I am adding to my Ph.D. thesis the example set by The Director. Not only did your book Hypnosis & The Power Of Positive Thinking From Rags To Riches, greatly enhance my motivation, you demonstrated it. You practice what you preach. You are not just another author writing to make a buck, and not really practicing. I can attest to this by another record year for NBPES (almost 10 years in a row now) Congratulations!!!! Celebrations are definitely in order."

Donald Murphy


"Just a note to you on how GREAT and ETHICAL, PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATED to the art and how you are PERSONALLY always available to your graduates and students for ALL their needs!!! I KNOW FOR A FACT ……………….after weeks of research, that The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards is the BEST certification available ANYWHERE! The Director and the staff at The National Board have a great support system that is available to me 12 hours a day 365 days a year to answer any questions or challenges I may have in the field!! I am going to be PROUD to be an Alumni with you and the Board and PROUD to hang my Certification on the wall in my new practice!!!"

Mark Call


"Thank you very much for all your assistance. You came through with everything you said you would. Even though I called so MANY times, you never rushed the conversation and had enormous amount of patience with me. Also I want to extend a special thanks for calling me back even though you were on your vacation. I can not tell you how impressive that is. Anyway, thanks again". "P.S., You were right, once I started I could not put it down!"

Jamie Brown


"The Board was more than informative. I first called the board to just ask questions about clinical hypnotherapy to help my oldest son with reading and learning disabilities. The staff spent over an hour and a half discussing this with me. I called them on two other occasions for more information, and they never pushed me to do the course. But, I'm so glad I did. I've now gotten my MHt certification and am practicing on a regular basis with great success. The course is exciting and once you start you can't put it down. I'm amazed at how it changes the lives of the patients I work with. I would recommend this course to anyone. It's easy and extremely rewarding."

Gary Plemones, MHt

Rogersville, MO

"I am really enjoying this, and like you I want to read everything there is concerning hypnosis."

Paul Cavanaugh


"Course stuff you sent looks great--clear, in simple language and well organized."

Charles Balis

New York

"Picked up my coursework and you were right...I cannot put it down!"

Russell Elleven


"Hypnosis is a unique realm that helps you to change habits of year in a very easy way without any side effects. When you find the right center to learn about hypnosis, you open your abilities' gate and enter the powerful mind's kingdom. I took all the hypnosis courses offered by The National Board and soon I will start my NLP course. The Board gives you what no one else can, knowledge, experience, support, and the belonging. You feel like a member of a real family, where the staff at The National Board do their best in giving perfect services."

Ahmed Hakami

MHt/Instructor Saudi Arabia

"Thank you for offering such a beneficial course in Hypnotherapy. I have learned a great deal from your program, and hope to have a long prosperous career. I will take the knowledge I've received and continue to learn more about the field of expertise, that I want to specialize in. I hope to have a successful practice underway within the next month. I cannot imagine finding a course that can teach you the basics in such a short amount of time. The staff handled any questions that I had about the program immediately. I also want to thank the Board for the prompt mail-outs. I would not have been able to finish the course, as soon as I did, without them."

Shane, Knoxville


"There is many wonderful things about this course. One of the greatest is the fact that the support is there, and encouragement is the next. The Director and Staff are always there giving encouragement and support. Answering questions(with the 800# is great and they answer)or help you find the answer." "Great all around people", fun and shared one the the best Pizza places in town. "Fun" and Enjoyable."

West Kirkley, M.Ht.

"The courses offered are very valuable.  There is a surprising depth to the information contained in the courses that everyone can tailor to their situation.  The ongoing support is also very good."


Mount Dora, Florida

"I have just received the program and found it very professional and interesting. After 20 years of working in hypnosis and teaching hypnotherapy at the University I am still finding interest in the concepts and opinions in your documents. I will be in contact regularly and will start sending in lessons via scanner and e-mail. I have been extremely successful in combining prayers, visualization and hypnosis. Over 90 percent of my clients are traditional Southern Baptists, so the technique is rather beneficial"

Carl E. Lindgren, DEd

Dlitt, University

"I would like to thank you (The Director) and the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards for your educational services and professional demeanor. I participated in your hypnosis internship program on July 25 and 26. It was very informative, useful, and a fun experience due to your warm personality and genuine concern for my training. Your willing attitude of helpfulness, despite your extremely busy schedule, makes an outstanding statement about your character and the moral fiber of your organization. I deeply appreciate your professionalism and availability as a resource in my education as a hypnotist.In addition, the respect and courtesy you showed my wife, (on our initial call) speaking to her with regards your educational program, is also deeply appreciated. That was one of the primary reasons I elected to participate in your program. I will highly recommend your program to anyone desiring to star a career in hypnosis. Thank you for showing me hospitality, professional respect, and above all the friendship during my internship. It was an all around positive experience and I enjoyed myself"

M. Lance Garland


"I would like to take this time to thank you and your wonderful staff for a job well done. This course has changed my whole life. Thank you for your help throughout this entire course. Above all, thank you for teaching me the power of positive thinking. I won a battle with clinical depression. I regret those days I suffered and traveled other avenues. When all the while I had all the healing powers I needed tucked away in my subconscious mind. Hypnosis is now my souls purpose for this journey in life. Hypnosis is like seeing ones inner reflection where flaws and blemishes can easily be corrected"

Tammy Eversole

London KY

"I am extremely pleased with the courses on Hypnosis from The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards. The Director is absolutely wonderful in guidance & support. When looking for a reputable & thorough training program for hypnosis I highly recommend this program."

Kimberly Muovich MHt

North Carolina

"It has been my pleasure getting the opportunity to take this course. It is informative and helpful in all aspects of hypnosis. The Director and his staff are very helpful and never let you give up on your dreams. They stand behind this course and for good reasons It has been a wonderful investment and one I will not regret making"

Brenda L. Adams

"I believe I am in love... ;-). This is a great course and I just cannot seem to get enough of it. I hope I can be as good as you are at this one day. Since last night I have completed your first course taken your test, read your book and started my second course, the advanced"

Kenya Walk

"In my 28 years as a police officer hypnosis was offered hoping that it would be used in cases of victim/witness recall and other crimes. Each time due to shift work I was unable to attend. Seeing it done many times, I read a number of books on the subject and even did successfully put individuals into hypnosis. While I could do it, something was missing. The missing ingredient was proper training. Searching the internet I came across the N.B.P.E.S. courses, after seeing many expensive courses that offered little in the way of training, I chose this one. Not only is the content easy to follow, there is life time support, which by the way has been excellent and being accepted in a professional organization.Finally after 28 years it is about time to hang up the badge this July/99 but after working literally on your own, being independent even though you have partners and supervisors to answer to, I feel I can not work in the private sector for civilians. You know the feeling the way the the public in general looks at police offers. Not to mention when they find out that you are collecting a pension and now work at another job, there is some resentment. Now as a Master Hypnotherapist, I can set my own hours, help people in all walks of life with their problems and make a very comfortable salary, all on my own, with my self as the boss. I plan on also taking the "Teach the Teacher" course so that I may instruct other officers that have difficulty in attending such courses. It is more that worth the time to learn from the board and The Director and all they have to offer. Another plus was The Director's book on Positive Thinking. I saw so much of my self in his words and felt that I was his twin. The Director also knows what it is to be involved in police work and that is why he feels a strong bond with us and will continue helping our professional field. All in all, this course is very well worth the time an effort..... especially if you are looking for a change." Please feel free to call me if you have any questions on changing your life and accessing new goals"

Lt. (now Capt.) Jack Nicholais

Mountain Lakes Police Dept.

"I have just completed the Basic and Advanced courses through home study. The course material is well written and I found that, after reading the materials provided, I was able to retain and apply the principles in my own life. I've searched all of the Web sites on Hypnosis and related subjects, and after much intensive investigation on what is available, I decided to enroll based on the course content and price. Most courses cost as much as three times as (the NBPES) is charging. And as an added bonus, I overcame my smoking addiction I've had for the past 50 years. I recommend these courses to anyone."

Robert W. Stiles, C.Ht.

North Carolina

"It's true to say that through the courses designed by the NBPES with the assistance of The Director I was able to develop and use the power we all have within us--the power to BELIEVE and the power to DO! Now after having successfully completed the Master's Course, people are turning to me looking to unlock that magic power in their minds called the subconscious. For whatever reason, stop smoking, losing weight without a diet, improving memory, or increasing their self-esteem (through the assistance of the National Board provided to me), I am able to help them! After having my credentials and being able to help all these people, gratitude and respect is never ending coming in ways never experienced before. An investment in time, money and oneself is well worth it!"

Philip J. Breedveld, M.Ht.

Iloilo City, Philippines

"I would like to take this opportunity the say 'Thanks!' for the incredible opportunity that you provide through the Hypnosis courses you teach. I feel that I have been given a clear picture of what I'd like to do in the future, and I now know that Hypnosis will play a big part of it. Not only were the classes informative and interesting, but also quite entertaining as well."

Dani Akana, M.Ht.

Central Florida

"I wish to thank you for helping me obtain my certificate. I was particularly impressed with the personal help that you gave me on the telephone, you were available when I needed you. I would recommend your training services to anyone that is trying to learn Hypnosis. Thank you again."

Harvey Hunt

Templeton, CA

"I enjoyed (the) courses on Hypnosis very much. They were well written, informative, and interesting. I also enjoyed the class discussion and The Director's willingness to answer any and all questions. He is very professional but still down to earth and friendly."

Robert A. Reynolds


"The entire week has been a GREAT experience. The methods taught (and taking time off from work) were time and work well spent."

Mark Wilson


"When I decided to study hypnotherapy, I began researching my various options. (You were) the only institution that acknowledged my inquires. When I called to inquire further, you were generous with your time and knowledgeable with your answers, even though I had not yet made a commitment to (the courses). After I received my student manual you once again made contact with me to ensure my understanding of the materials. I appreciate the time and encouragement you gave me. Although I felt like I was being a nuisance, you never once gave the impression that I was. You have been very supportive. At this time I have just completed my Master hypnosis exam. As I was working on the exam you once again called to check on my progress. I never would have guessed that with a home-study course I would have had this much personal contact with my instructor. I found that the courses where well written and easy to understand. The exams were brief and to the point. No where else could I find the materials to become a Master hypnotherapist any more reasonably priced than with (you). I am glad that I chose an institute that truly cares about its students. I now feel confident enough to begin helping others. Thank you so much creating this program."

Rebekah Nowiski


"Having worked many different businesses and attended professional school, I am always skeptical about something new. After doing some research, I decided to attend (the NBPES's) class on Hypnosis. The class had insight and was practical. The Director is a marvelous teacher with a broad background of knowledge. I gained valuable insight into working with people that even my medical background hadn't prepared me for. (Your) course was a great step in achieving my potential. (…) I have taken all of (the) courses and now run my own successful practice in western New York. I would have never dreamed of how exciting the field of hypnotherapy could be. With proper training and The Director's ongoing commitment to assisting his students, I have helped my clients become the people they truly wish to be. I traveled to central Florida to take my training, and it was worth every bit and more."

Christopher Giermek

New York

"I would like to thank you for your comprehensive courses in Hypnosis. I found the courses well constructed, informative, and easily understood. I feel very well prepared to start up a practice on my own. I also appreciate your business experience you shared with us. Knowledge without tools to perform in the real world are all but useless. I also thank you for speaking with me on the phone SEVERAL times before I decided on your course above others offered. Your candid answers to my questions were honest and straightforward. Your course has given me the ability, drive, and information I need to create a SUCCESSFUL practice. I also feel secure in my ability to pick up the phone with questions and will get the help I need."

Debbie Hoffman

Deland, Florida




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