Code of Ethical Standards

All members of the National Board shall maintain the integrity and competence of the hypnosis profession by agreeing to abide by the following code of professional ethics.

  1. All members shall conduct themselves and their sessions at all times in a professional manner and in a professional setting, and only within the limits of their training, with the client/patient's/students best interest held above all other considerations.
  2. All members shall obey all state, federal and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of hypnosis/hypnotherapy.
  3. All matters between the member/therapist and client/patient shall be kept confidential. No third party shall be allowed access to confidential client/patient information. Exceptions:A) When the client/patient gives written permission. B) When directed by a court order with jurisdiction.
  4. No physical contact shall occur between a member and a client/patient/student, including but not limited to, that of a sexual nature. This remains in effect for a minimum of one year after professional services have been terminated.
  5. All members will only work within the training and knowledge acquired through approved sources.
  6. All members shall keep current with new innovations in their field of practice and shall keep their CEUs and membership fees current.
  7. Prior to entering into any professional relationship, the member shall disclose to the client/patient the nature of the services, the purpose of the services, the length of time anticipated and the estimated cost for the services. No services will be given without a signed consent form from the client/patient.
  8. All members shall refer any and all people they are not qualified to handle.
  9. Misconduct: Shall consist of, but not limited to, lying, cheating, insults, belittling, stealing, harassment, failure to report an incident. All members shall act in a professional manner toward clients, members and other professionals. Any bad mouthing toward any member or a director is strictly prohibited. A warning will be given to stop, if any of the above continues then the member will be suspended or terminated.
  10. A member must terminate his/her relationship with a client/patient when the client/patient can no longer benefit from his/her services, and will not continue to provide help if the member does not have a good faith belief that the client/patient will benefit from further help.
  11. All members must report any and all arrests and or convictions to the board within 24 hours.