Free Self Hypnosis

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Think about it. We as hypnotists or hypnotherapists do not touch you; we only guide you to self-achievement, through hypnosis or self hypnosis. Your mind is doing the real work. We should not take the credit for the changes that come over you; we only act as a guide.You can now learn free self hypnosis and make all kinds of positive changes in your life.

Free self hypnosis has been used for many years. A person seeking hypnosis should be taught free self hypnosis as well. It is VERY important that each person learn self hypnosis so he/she can carry on with the positive effects of hypnosis.

There are over 200 uses for hypnosis and likewise you can do free self hypnosis for a wide range of positive changes. Although weight and smoking are by far the most popular uses for hypnosis and with free self hypnosis you can accomplish such things as insomnia, pain control, anxiety, phobias, maintaining blood pressure, and dealing with traumatic events.

Anything you can do as a human you can do better with free self hypnosis or hypnosis.

We have a free 3 step free self hypnosis program. This method works very well and we teach it to every patient to whom we see. Click here to order free self hypnosis.