The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
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You have made a decision that the time has come for you to be free of this nail biting habit. This is your decision and you are doing this for your own personal well-being. You have many reasons for wanting to be free of this habit.

I would like you to spend a moment and think of why you want to be free of this nail biting habit. Imagine, picture, or at least think about your nails the way that you would like them to be. You have the ability to allow your nails to grow. You have the desire to allow your nails to grow. With the ability and the desire you can accomplish anything that is important to you. Allowing your nails to grow is important to you.

I would like you now to spend a moment and think of another person’s nails. This person has nails the way that you would like yours to become. Your nails can, and will look as nice or better than this person’s that you are now thinking about.

You are now realizing that there are millions of men and women who never bite or chew on their nails. You are realizing and accepting the fact that there is no longer any reason that you should ever bite or chew on your nails. You have the same ability as everyone else in the world. You are a winner. You are now tapping into the abilities that you have had all along.

It is now time to make a decision. This decision will determine how quickly you will become free of the nail biting habit. I wonder if you have already stopped biting or chewing on your nails. I wonder if you will be ending this negative habit within the next few minutes, or perhaps you will choose to end this habit the instant that this session is over. The one thing that is certain is that you will be ending this negative habit forever.

You know, realize, and understand that you have control over the movement of your hands and arms. It is now becoming an impossibility to move your hands up towards your mouth with the intention of biting or chewing on your nails without being consciously aware of these movements.

You will be very pleased that you have selected hypnosis. Hypnosis has a way of helping you to take control over your own life. You will realize that you are the master of your own life. You will realize that you can and will be in the position to choose what happens in your life.

You are becoming a perfect example to both men and women. You are pleased with yourself, and with what you have accomplished. You may share this accomplishment with anyone you wish.


Stress has always been extremely interesting to me. People work so hard to remove stress in all areas of their life. I have actually seen people stressed out over attempting to remove stress. Every person experiences stress from time to time in his or her life. Yes, everyone. Men and women each experience stress. Children and adults experience stress. Stress is a part of our lives.

Please do not feel that you are destined to always be under stress. You would have a hard time believing me if I told you that you would never again feel stress. You would never believe that every day of your life would produce only h8igh levels of happiness. If someone told you that you would never be ill again, you would doubt that statement.

Let’s now examine just a few of the stimulants that you will be experiencing over the next few weeks. Many of these experiences will be positive while others may seem to be negative. You will experience happiness, fear, joy, laughter, excitement, sadness, calmness, stress, and many, many other feelings and sensations. The average person experiences almost all types of sensations over a 14 to 21 day period. Stress is one of these sensations.

If stress is something that everyone experiences many people have trouble understanding how we can ever hope to control stress in our lives. It would be impossible to ever completely remove sensations of anger or sadness. However, we do not need to experience these sensations on a daily level. Stress is a sensation that we do not need to experience every day.

Almost everyone is quick to agree that we can not expect to only encounter positive sensations in our lives, and yet many people do believe that they are destined to experience negative sensations every day of their lives.

You are now using your ability of choice in a new way. There are times when you have chosen to give in to stress. There have been other times that you have refrained from giving into stress. You have much more control over how you are going to feel than you have ever realized in the past.

Spend a moment and allow yourself to enter a more relaxing state. Allow your mind and body to relax even further. Enjoy this peaceful sensation as you choose to relax all the way to the best of your ability.

By choosing to do so, you have allowed yourself to relax further. You have utilized this ability of choice, many times before. You have made a decision as to whether, or not you would become angry, stressful, or irritated.

Imagine for a moment, that you were preparing to pull your car into a parking spot, when someone else suddenly pulled into the spot in front of you. You may become angry, and stressful. You may mumble a few words under your breath; blow the horn in the car, or maybe even worse.

Imagine the same set of circumstances but this time you are in an extremely good mood. The person whips into your spot, and you simply shake your head and begin to look for another spot while thinking to yourself that they must really be in a hurry.

Yes, either of these two responses are possible. There is only one person who has the ability to select which of these two responses will be used. This person in control is you. We cannot control what we will encounter, but we can control how we will respond. You are in control of your own life and your actions.



You will be very happy to discover that hypnosis is the most effective way of tapping into your creative mind. All of us have a portion of the mind that we call the creative mind. This is the part of the mind that has the ability to come up with new ways of doing things. You have experienced how this creative mind, we make statements such as “Now, I know what to do”, or “I hang a picture, or selecting a color of clothing that compliments you. Now it is time to allow the creative processes of the mind to begin working in the area of____________________________.

You will amaze yourself at how rapidly that wonderful part of your mind will begin working for you in this special area. As you walked into this office, you had a feeling that there were going to be some wonderful changes in your life, and you were right. You may have set a goal in the past, only to have that powerful and creative mind of yours think up a reason why not to succeed. So, yes we all have a creative mind.

Just as surely, just as certainly, as you have been able to use the creative mind in a non-productive manner in the past, you are now beginning to use it in a very positive, productive, and rewarding manner today.

Each and every day you will notice the improvement.


As you continue to relax even further, I want you to spend a moment and think about what is going to better, now that you have decided to become free of compulsive lying.


We all have the ability to lie to someone else, but when we do, we are actually lying to ourselves as well. The time has come for you to become free of the compulsion to lie. This is your decision, and you want to stop for your own good.

As a child growing up almost everyone may have told a little white lie. Although we do not condone lying, even as a child, it is easier to see how a child may not have the self control that we possess as adults. It is time to put aside all of your child-like behaviors, and start to live as an adult.

Lying is a habit. A habit is any behavior that we have done over and over again. Soon this behavior becomes automatic in nature. You may find yourself tempted to lie about something, without even thinking about the consequences that could result. You have the ability to control this compulsive behavior, free yourself of this unnecessary, unwanted habit, once and for all.

You no longer need to lie again. Not because I say so, but because it is the nature of your own mind to be honest. You have made this decision here, now, today, to totally stop all forms of lying. You will feel better about yourself. You will begin to like yourself more each day having become free of compulsive lying.

There is no person, thought, or idea that could ever trick you into compulsive lying, ever again.


I would now like you to realize a couple of very important facts. These are important facts, simply because they are about you. You have control over your mind as well as your body. Without even thinking about it, you have slowed down your heartbeat. You have altered your breathing. You have slightly lowered your blood pressure. You have done all these things without even being consciously aware of what you were doing.

At this time I would like you to discover what you are capable of, by concentrating. Many people believe that they possess little or no control over their physical body. You are now going to realize that total control that you do have.

I want you to relax even deeper. As you continue to relax you are beginning to notice a strong need to swallow. The need to swallow is becoming stronger, and stronger. I am now going to count from five down to one, and as I count down the need to swallow will continue growing stronger. As you feel this sensation, simply swallow, and relax even further.


You are now starting to see that you have the ability to cause physical changes by the way you think. I would like you now to concentrate on your right hand. Concentrate only on your right hand. As you concentrate your right hand is becoming very numb. Numbness is flowing through your right hand. As you begin to feel the change in your right hand, simply nod your head yes, and relax even further.

In the same way you have just created numbness in your right hand, you are now creating a numbing sensation towards menstrual cramps. You will not have to concentrate on the numbness, it will be there for you. You will notice the continual improvement. You will be well pleased with the way you are feeling.

Your mind and body are now working together.

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