The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
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The National Board is proud to have available the first Accredited PhD Program in Clinical Hypnotherapy in the United States and for under $1,000.00*

Our Basic-Master hypnosis/ hypnotherapy courses in conjunction with our practitioner-master NLP courses and the Psychology 101 course and several books to read are the prerequisites for the PhD or DCH program. We serve as a portal (pass through) on the PhD or DCH program. You must have successfully completed the Basic, Advanced, Master, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master and a Psychology 101 programs, the reading of two books and practical experience before you can apply for the PhD program. This PhD is in clinical hypnotherapy and is provided by several private U.S. College's/University's, which are accredited. We been offering this PhD for seven years to a lot of different people of all walks of life including, Police Officers, Doctors, RN's and many others with out complaint to date.

PhD ProgramThis PhD or DCH is based on the accumulated knowledge obtained through the courses and your life experiences. You must submit a CV (extensive resume), which includes all your adult education and work experience including any and all seminars, continuing education, certification, and practical knowledge. You must also submit a thesis. We then submit all of your records, your CV and a minimum of a 100 page thesis for a complete evaluation.

You will be notified within a short period of time of the status of your application. When completed you will receive a very impressive degree certificate and official certified transcripts. Upon request, an official certified transcript will be mailed to a place of employment or school on your behalf.

This is the highest level of education you can receive and it will enhance your credibility and should therefore increase your income potential and respect considerably.PhD in Hypnotherapy

The cost for this program is $999.00 for current members that have completed through Psychology 101, and must include a master hypnotherapist and basic and master NLP certification and a Psychology 101 course. (in package price*) Non-members pay $1,500.00 with a Master's, NLP and Psychology certifications.

The cost for the full program Basic through PhD or DCH is $4,998.00 which includes everything except for shipping outside of the US or shipping if on a payment program.

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* Not issued by N.B.P.E.S.    

















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