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Hiromi Nagata

Hiromi Nagata    


Warning: About a lady calling herself Hiromi Nagata, 49 years old who uses some of these names and address including, 444 West 44th St. New York, NY, MTR Institute Ichinomiya 88 Piikoi St. Apt. 2205 Honolulu, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan, as she trains and works in all three places.

Hiromi Nagata joined us in 2007 and became one of our certified trainers in the three above areas. She supplied students to us several times (14 total students) and then in 2008 she decided she could continue to train but to cheat us and cut us out. So she has trained, over the last two years, using our name and materials of course, more then 100 students taking their hard earned money and not finishing their training, in other words committing fraud. She not only lied to us but to all of them as they thought she was with us and so they paid her for our training and certification, neither of which they received, as we knew nothing about any of them.

We started to get complaints in each day from her former mad students from several countries, that she had defrauded them and had defrauded us as well. It is believed that this scam totals more than $100,000 and has lasted two years. When we notified her that we knew all about her fraud, deception and scams in three different places she owned up and paid us a good faith payment until she hired a lawyer two days later, she then lied to him and he in turn sent us a nasty email saying he was going to prosecute us for criminal blackmailing of his client, Hiromi Nagata. Will this woman who is now known as a criminal, stop at anything? She appears to have NO morals.

So lets recap. She is a liar, a fraud, a scam artist and she was trying to have us arrested for enforcing an agreement she made with us as an instructor of ours. When we provided documents that she told her lawyer did not exist, her lawyer was shocked to say the least. To make matters worse her certification to train expired in 2009 and so she was not even allowed to legally teach, period. Now this lady has threatened some of these former students with physical harm if they talk and they are very much afraid of her and what she may be capable of doing. 

Her former students say she only cares about herself and collecting as much money as she can from her students and then not finishing them (certifying them) or talking with them ever again. As far as we can determine she only has unhappy students.

So this is a warning to all who may come in contact with Hiromi Nagata of MTR Institute. DO NOT do business with this lady by the name of Hiromi Nagata of NY, NY, Honolulu, Hawaii or of Tokyo, Japan as she is not able to legally train anyone and will most likely do what she has done to more then 100 people already, which is to cheat them out of their hard earned money. And according to some of her former students she is a dangerous person who may be capable of doing physical harm to you as well. She copied our course material, which is against federal copyright laws, and did this more than 100 counts. There is a potential for more then 70 felony counts to be pressed against this lady as she is prosecuted for her many crimes in multiple municipalities.

She, Hiromi Nagata is not affiliated with us, NBPES in any way, shape or form and cannot use our name or train anyone under us since 2008, as she has been removed for misconduct and criminal activity permanently from our organization. If she has trained you during 2008-2010 you should contact us and your local police to file criminal charges against her.

The certificate below is a fraud and a forgery and is NOT legal. If you have received one of these you have been defrauded.



The people in this picture below have all been defraued in 2010 by Hiromi Nagata and thay can not practice legally.


If she has trained you during these dates, or you recognize any of these people, please contact us immediately so that we can help you/them, as we have helped others become legally trained/certified. @ 1-866-684-9990